Participate in the Finnish Magyar Agar association´s logo competition!


The Finnish Magyar Agar association, “Suomen Unkarinvinttikoirat ry” has it´s 10-year birthday next year. As part of the celebration, we want to renew our visual identity and are arranging a logo competition that is open for anyone. This means, you don´t have to be a member of our association to participate, we gladly welcome all possible suggestions for our new logo.

The association board will select the criteria meeting suggestions to go forward and arrange a voting round for association members. (More details about criteria below.) Our members will vote for their favorite and the suggestion with most votes will be our new logo.

The designer of the winner logo can choose one of the following prizes:
1) 20€ gift card to ”Musti ja Mirri” -shop in Finland + a back pack with the new association logo
2) Only a 40€ gift card to ”Musti ja Mirri” -shop in Finland.

If the designer of the winner logo is not located in Finland, we will contact you to discuss the arrangements of the prizes.

The designer information of the winning logo will be published on our webpage.

The logo competition is open until 31st of August 2021 and the voting for the winner logo will be conducted during September 2021.

The new logo with the celebration year marking ”10v” will be taken into use 1.1.2022 and after 2022 we will continue to use the new logo without the “10v” mark.

Instructions for sending logo suggestions:

  • All logo suggestions should include either the abbreviation “SUN ry” or the whole name of the association; “Suomen Unkarinvinttikoirat ry”. If the designer wants to, it is also ok to include both the abbreviation and the whole name in the logo.
  • We need two different versions of each logo suggestion: one with the “10v” text included in the logo and another version without it.
  • The same person is allowed to send several different logo suggestions, as long as all different suggestions have both versions of the logo: one with the “10v” text and one without.
  • The main colours for the logo has to be orange, black and white. Yellow is ok as an effect colour in a smaller amount.
  • In addition to printing, the logo may also be used for embroidery on textiles. Try to avoid very small details in your logo suggestion.
  • The logo should visually represent the Finnish Magyar Agar association. The logo does not have to include a magyar agar, also other motives will be taken into consideration in the suggestions going forward for voting.  However, we won´t consider other dog breeds or completely different animal species :D
  • Format and resolution: the material resolution should be a minimum of 300dpi and accepted formats are pdf, jpg and png.  It would be good if the logo file(s) are vectorized but if this is not possible, the association will make arrangements to have the file vectorized, should the logo win the voting round.
  • Send your suggestions to the following email address by 31.8.2021:
  • Should you have any questions related to the logo competition, don´t hesitate to contact our secretary at the address mentioned above. (
If we don´t receive any suggestions that meet the logo criteria, the association reserves the right to keep using the current logo also from 2022 onward. But we are hopeful, that we will receive multiple suggestions and are able to arrange a voting round for our association members, so we can refresh our visual image in honor of our anniversary year! So, if you know someone, or someone who knows someone, feel free to forward this competition announcement, even to the other end of the world from Finland :)

Anticipating anniversary greetings from,
Suomen Unkarinvinttikoirat ry